Terms and Conditions

Ticket Revalidation

Terms and Conditions

1) Ticket changes are allowed when purchased at Ticket Offices, Resellers, Call Center, Website, myRNE app. These changes must be carried out at a ticket office or at Rede Expressos website at Revalidations.

2) Rede Expressos reserves the right, for safety and prevention, not to revalidate tickets on specific days when passengers flow are high (ex: May 13 and October 13).

3) When changing a transport ticket for a ticket with a higher price than the original one, the revalidation value will be calculated taking into consideration the price difference for the new ticket; there may also be an additional cost depending on the anticipation with which the revalidation is carried out. There is no reimbursement for price differences in revalidations for lower class fares.

4) Promotional tickets can be changed. The customer will be subject to the payment of the price difference for the new ticket to be issued.

5) Only one change per ticket is allowed. When changing a ticket, it is mandatory to keep the same departure and destination of the original ticket.

6) The revalidation of the ticket and the booking of a new trip is only allowed for the maximum anticipation days available in the sales system, being the customer subject to the calendar available at the given moment.

7) Tickets may be changed (date and/or time) for journeys operated by other operators available on our website, being mandatory to keep the same departure and destination. When changing operator in a revalidation, there may be a price difference.

8) When changing tickets bought online (web or app), the customer must be carrying the identification document used during the purchase. The ticket agent might ask for this document.

9) In all ticket changes, the customer's requests will be subject to availability of seats for the date and time when intended.

10) Revalidation of tickets purchased at Ticket Offices, Sales Agents, Call Center, myRNE e Website: Penalties.

10.1) Revalidation carried out at least 61 (sixty-one) minutes before the departure time will not be penalized, being only subject to the price difference for the new ticket.

10.2) Revalidation carried out 60 (sixty) minutes until the time of departure will be subject to a fee of 20% of the ticket's original value, being also subject to the price difference for the new ticket.

10.3) Revalidation done after the time of departure and up to 1 (one) hour after the time of departure will be subject to a penalty of 50% of the ticket original value, being also subject to the price difference for the new ticket.

10.4) 1 (one) hour after the time of departure, the customer will not be entitled to any revalidation or cancellation compensation.

11) Revalidations on the Website:

11.1) Ticket changes are allowed on the website when purchased on the Online Sales channels website, myRNE APP, call center, Resellers, BUSBUD, OMNIO/ PAGAQUI / DISTRIBUSION / PAYSHOP as well as tickets purchased at ticket office.

11.2) Revalidations on the Website can only be done up to 1 hour before the trip.

11.3) It is not possible to revalidate RFLEX EMPRESA tickets.

11.4) It is not possible to revalidate bike nor sports board tickets.


1) Ticket change or cancellation is only possible if requested at least 2 hours before the time of departure stated on the original ticket, and the Traveller must make this request at the Point-of-Sale where he bought his ticket. If the ticket was bought on our website www.rede-expressos.pt, you must make an international ticket cancellation request using the website form by selecting the subject 'International service cancellation'.

2) Failure to show at the designated place and time of departure by the Traveller shall result in loss of the trip without any right to ticket changes or refunds.

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