Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Rede Expressos operates several iberian lines in partnership with Alsa. You can purchase such destinations on our Website and myRNE App. Also available lots of other european destinations, although not operated by Rede Expressos. In these lines, Rede Expressos acts solely as a sales partner.

No, Rede Expressos only operates regular passenger transport services, where the passenger has to buy a specific ticket for a specific journey. For this kind of private services, please contact

Coach departure addresses are available on our website on the Points of Sale tab. The address of the point of sale in a given town / city is usually the address of the coach station. If more than one address is available, the coach stop will regularly be the first one in the list.

No. Sometimes, it is possible that operating coaches have different paint jobs (all round image and logo). These are usually support vehicles used to respond to an extra demand. Nevertheless, a vehicle operating for Rede Expressos always has a sign with our logo located in the front windshield.

The vast majority of the Rede Expressos primary coach fleet is Wifi enabled. Secondary or reinforcement services might not have this service on-board.

No, as the Youth ticket is valid only for youngsters between 13 and 29 years old. If you are eligible for this type of ticket, simply bring along a valid ID document in order to confirm your age.

No, you can't. The Senior ticket is available for customers aged 65 years old or older.

The buses that stop at Lisbon airport, coming from the North and Via A1, are the ones that arrive in Lisbon during the night (after 9 pm and until 8 am). You should always ask the driver when boarding if you are legally allowed to stop at the airport and if so, let him know where to put your luggage.

You may download our route map here. You can travel almost anywhere.

Most Renex operated services depart from Oriente Station. Most Rede Expressos operated services depart from Sete Rios Coach Station. Be sure to check your Lisbon station when purchasing your tickets.

Yes, it is. Take this into consideration when purchasing your ticket.

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