Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

1) If a passenger travels with up to 25kg weight of luggage, no fee is charged. (Art 16º, nº3 do Dec.Lei 399-F/84 de 28 de Dezembro).

2) The transport of luggage considered irregular due to its size, shape or odd characteristics is not allowed. Eg: luggage that cannot be fitted in the baggage compartment; luggage compromising the safety of the vehicle. (Artº 16º, nº1 do Dec. Lei399-F/84 de 28 de Dezembro)

3) It is strictly forbidden to transport or dispatch any kind of firearms or other types of armament or ammunition.

4) In the vehicle, passengers are only allowed to carry small bags with them. These bags have to to fit in the upper compartments and mustn't be a threat to the remaining passengers. (Art 16 nº 2 do Dec. Lei 399-F/84 de 28 de Dezembro).

5) The transport of bicycles, scooters (electric motor or not) or surfboards is subject to an increase in the ticket price. This transport is only allowed upon anticipated purchase, made exclusively online, and payment of the aforementioned fee. Given the limited space available, a total of four units, including bicycles and surfboards, are allowed per vehicle. These items must be able to accommodate without causing damage to the remaining luggage or packages, so it is mandatory to remove the front wheel (bicycle), placing it on the frame; this set needs to be packed in a box or bag prepared for this particular transport. If there is no space for more bicycles at the chosen departure time, the bicycle option cell not be available. After purchasing the ticket, the passenger must present himself for boarding, with his bicycle/surfboard, at least 15 minutes before departure. Other special baggage: the same prices and conditions will apply to all those similar sports and / or leisure equipment and accessories, similar to those described above and which, due to their size and / or odd characteristics, must be transported in the bus hold. This luggage must be able to be carried without causing damage to the remaining luggage or packages, and the respective packaging is mandatory for transport.

6) High value items such as laptops, smartphones, digital cameras, jewellery, documents or any other high valued object must be brought aboard with the passenger and will remain under his responsibility, inside the bus and not on the luggage compartment beneath it.

7) Rede Expressos does not take responsibility for the loss or damage of any kind of object if the condition stated above is not respected.

The maximum weight defined for the volumes to be dispatched by the Rodomail service (package) is 25kg per volume.

International Lines

1) The passenger may carry 25 kg of luggage for free on ​​international lines, divided into a maximum of two bags/baggages (💼💼). If a payment for excess weight is demanded, a receipt will be handed to you. Regarding lost or damaged baggage, it is mandatory to proceed with an official claim immediately upon arrival, showing the ticket and the receipt, when applicable.

2 Documents and high valued items such as jewellery, computers, mobile phones, cameras or the like need to travel with the passenger at all times inside the vehicle, under his direct responsibility. Passengers also need to pay the same attention to fragile or perishable articles.

3) The company is not responsible for any damage or loss due to non-compliance with the previously mentioned point.

4) It is not allowed to carry - in personal baggage or by parcel service- firearms or any other type of weaponry.

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