Terms and Conditions

Package Delivery

Terms and Conditions

1) It is not allowed to carry – both in personal luggage or package delivery - firearms or any other type of weaponry.

2) The maximum weight allowed for a single parcel to be shipped by the Rodomail service (package delivery) is 25kg / volume, with a total amount of 200kg in the group of packages to be shipped.

3) Documents and other high valued items such as computers, mobile phones, cameras, tablets, or the like must go along with the passenger inside the bus, respecting the size / weight limits in practice for hand luggage. Hence, the responsibility for these objects relies entirely with their owners. Rede Expressos declines liability, directly or indirectly, for damages related to items that you should not include in your luggage, such as fragile, perishable items (eg: food, drink), valuable items (eg: money, jewelry, precious metal items, computers, personal electronic devices, valuable documents, passports and other identification documents).

4) Rede Expressos declines any responsibility for any damage or loss due to failure to comply with the above.

5) Tracking and verification: Rede Expressos or any public security forces will be allowed to track / verify packages if under suspicion.

6) The tariff increase can be applied in situations where necessary (for example, in situations of excessive dimension to weight ratio or in packages with unusual format). The tariff aggravation can be 25% or 50%. Examples: surfboards, cotton bale, fishing rods, etc.

7) It is the customer’s duty to properly pack / package / seal the volume to be shipped, also paying attention to the internal packaging/protection of the item to be dispatched, using shock protection packaging (paper, plastic with air bubbles) when necessary.

8) If the goods to be shipped present any risk regarding their integrity, or are inadequately packed, the customer can be asked to improve the packaging. If there is still a risk due to deficient packaging for the item to ship, a stamp or sticker with “NO RESPONSIBILITY” will be stamped on the volume, informing the customer of this condition, with which he needs to agree upon.

9) It is a customer’s duty to duly identify himself with a valid official document ID to ship a package, as well as to provide the remaining necessary information to fill in the order slip/receipt, which includes information regarding the recipient.

10) It is the recipient's duty to identify himself with his name and package number, upon presentation of an identification document.

11) Comply with the full list of items referred to in the list of prohibited objects for shipping packages, under penalty of being responsible for the damages caused by not complying with the aforementioned regulation.

12) Rede Expressos can use partners’ services or its own services to send packages, keeping the present terms & conditions valid for both options.

13) Shipped packages will be made available to the recipient within 48 working hours following their shipping.

14) Shipped items must be picked up by customers within a maximum of 8 working days from the date of delivery. If the recipient does not comply, a fee of € 0.50 will be charged for each day of storage of the package, counting from the 9th day and up to the 30th day.

15) From the 30th day from the date of delivery, the package not collected / claimed is considered abandoned and will be managed as follows:

1) When they are relevant items for such purpose, they will be given to charity / solidarity institutions.

2) Not being items deemed relevant as per the previous point, they will be sent for destruction.

16) Perishable items will be treated in the same way as above, with the term reduced to 24 hours instead of 8 days.

17) A package is considered lost / strayed from the 8th day after the date of shipment.

1) If the package is found within the next 30 days after the date of shipment, the customer must be informed and may choose to return the compensation paid to him, paying the shipping price and pick up his package.

2) In case of confirmed loss/strayed item, the customer will be entitled to the respective compensation based on the legal framework in force (Law No. 9/2015), which provides for reimbursement of the amount paid for contracting the service, as well as an amount based on the weight of the package.

18) In the event of damage to the shipped item and if such damage is a responsibility attributable to the company, Rede Expressos will compensate the amount as per the item's depreciation. However, this compensation may never be greater than the compensation for loss / total loss of volume.

19) From the moment the item is picked up, the company will have no responsibility for the volume or status of the content of the item.

20) Rede Expressos rejects any collateral / consequential damages or loss of profits resulting from delay in delivery or loss / strayed / damage of a shipped item.

21) Rede Expressos will not be held responsible in case of lost or strayed item(s) due to wrong or insufficient information provided by the sender (wrong document number, wrong name or wrong destination).

22) Rede Expressos will not be held responsible in cases of poor or defective packaging of the item to be shipped.

23) Rede Expressos declines responsibility in the event of strikes, labor disturbances or natural disasters of any sort.

24) The applicable rates are published online at www.rede-expressos.pt/en/package-delivery or in the package delivery area.

25) Non-extensive list of substances/items prohibited for shipping service:

1) Firearms and explosives

2) Compressed gas

3) Corrosive materials

4) Flammable liquids and/or solids

5) Oxidizing materials

6) Toxic and infectious substances

7) Document bags and folders with alarm devices installed

8) Drugs prohibited by law

9) Live animals

10) Cash, debit/credit cards, title deeds or checks.

11) Publications or audiovisual media prohibited by law

12) Art objects

13) Jewelry, gem stones and valuable materials

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