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Bus Transport - Passenger rights

Terms and Conditions

Here you will discover the fundamentals about your rights as a bus and coach passenger. The legal framework of Regulation 181/2011, combined with the Quality Policy of Rede Expressos and the respective ISO 9001 Certification, make the Customer our top priority. The Terms and Conditions available on this website were developed in compliance with Regulation 181/2011 and based on the Portuguese Law Nº 9 of 2015. In a general way, Regulation 181/2011 defines the rules for bus transportation regarding the following subjects:

In a general way, Regulation 181/2011 defines rules for bus transport with regard to the following matters:

a) non-discrimination between passengers with regard to transport conditions offered by carriers;

b) rights of passengers in the event of accidents arising out of the use of the bus or coach resulting in death or personal injury or loss of or damage to luggage;

c) non-discrimination and mandatory assistance for disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility;

d) rights of passengers in cases of cancellation or delay;

e) minimum information to be provided to passengers;

f) handling of complaints;

g) general rules on enforcement.

We encourage all customers to consult Regulation 181/2011 in its entirety by clicking on the link mentioned at the beginning of this page, as well as strongly suggest that all customers consult the Terms and Conditions also listed on the respective page.

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