Terms and Conditions

Travelling With Pets

Terms and Conditions

1) Assistance dogs travel free of charge on express service, accompanying their owners. The concept of assistance dog covers the following categories of dogs:

a) Guide dog, a dog trained or undergoing training to assist a visually impaired person;

b) Dog for the deaf, dog trained or being trained to assist people with hearing impairment;

c) Service dog means a dog trained or being trained to assist a person with a mental, organic or motor disability.

2) The transport of small pets (dogs, cats, small rodents) will be allowed inside the vehicle passenger area, if the animal travels accompanied by the owner, properly accommodated in an appropriate container [35W/40L/26cm Height] (article 3, paragraph c: “...resistant washable material, easy to disinfect and watertight, in order to avoid contamination of the transport vehicle.”); the animal needs to be in an adequate state of health and hygiene, as stipulated in Law 968/2009. The transport of the animal will be subject to the purchase of the animal ticket for the chosen journey. Pet animals may not, under any circumstances, take a seat in vehicles used for public transport (Law 968/2009, article 2, paragraph 3), and must occupy the floor area related to the purchased seat/ticket. You should take into account the supplementary legislation that regulates the transport of parcels/objects in express bus services, described in Law No. 9/2015, article 7, paragraph e), which quotes “mind your attention to objects stored in places reserved for this purpose that, by its contents, type or shape, may fall or disturb other passengers in the event of an impact, sudden stop or other brusque events inside the vehicle.” The safety of the animal's container during the trip is the owner's responsibility towards other passengers.


Pets are not allowed aboard buses in international service. The only available exception to the aforementioned is related to guide dogs accompanying blind/visually impaired passengers.

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