Terms and Conditions

Travelling With Pets

Terms and Conditions

1) Pet transport, excluding guide dogs accompanying sight impaired individuals, will be allowed aboard if the animal is escorted by its owner, properly placed in an appropriate cage and in acceptable health and hygiene conditions (as stated in Portaria nº968/2009); in accordance with the previous conditions, the animal will pay an animal ticket for that transport. However, customers must be aware of the Portuguese legislation regulating the Road Express Transport (Transporte de Serviço Expresso), described in the Portuguese Law 'DL-399-F de 84, artigo 16º, nº2', which states: 'inside the vehicle, only small sized volumes, which by its characteristics, dimension and weight may be properly placed inside the appropriate spaces, will be allowed to be transported, thus not putting in danger other passengers' safety or comfort'


Pets are not allowed aboard buses in international service. The only available exception to the aforementioned is related to guide dogs accompanying blind/visually impaired passengers.

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