Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

1) Passengers are allowed to bring aboard small snacks (cookies, sandwiches without sauces, bread or similar) and water/non-alcoholic beverages contained in plastic bottles. Glass bottles are not allowed. It is the passenger's obligation to leave his seat in the same clean condition he found it in at the beginning of the trip.

2) Rede Expressos recommends all customers to buy their tickets with anticipation, thus benefiting from the choice of the seat and its reservation.

3) Rede Expressos also recommends all customers to be at the departure terminal at least 15 minutes prior to the time of departure of their journey.

4) For overall passenger comfort, Rede Expressos politely recommends all customers to respect the seat number indicated on their tickets.

5) For more information, please contact: +351 21 75 24 524 (call to national landline network).

6) All suggestions, complaints and other matters should be sent using the form on the website, on the contact page.

7) When purchasing your transport ticket at a ticket office:

7.1) Check your change.

7.2) Check if the purchased transport ticket is in accordance with your request.

7.3) If you require an invoice, it will only be generated if you ask at the exact time of purchase.

8) When daylight saving time is in effect, services departing between the hours of 1 and 3am will maintain the previous schedule.

9) Extra services: Rede Expressos may need to reinforce its bus fleet in order to fulfill extra demand. In this case scenario, the company might have to use buses with different setups and eventually with lesser high level specifications.

10) In the transport services operated for Rede Expressos, not all vehicles use the same brand image. Therefore, passengers must pay attention to the sign with the Rede Expressos logo that the vehicles will have visibly placed in the front area of the vehicles. In the front area of the vehicle it is also be visible the bus/vehicle number printed on your ticket.

11) The access to the on-board toilet requires a payment fee of 1€.

12) Rede Expressos multi-travel tickets and EVA T./Mundial Turismo voucher packs will cease to be valid on 31/12/2021.

13) Passengers must not use loudspeakers or make noise in such a way as to disturb other passengers (Portuguese Law No. 9 of 2015, Article 7, point O).

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