Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions


1) The RFlex program by RNE - Rede Nacional de Expressos, Lda. (Hereinafter referred to as RNE) is a personal card that gives access to differentiated fares, prices and promotions, when compared with the prices applied to regular customers.

2) The RFlex program allows the purchase of a single RFlex ticket per trip / service by passenger.

3) The Rflex program is applicable to the entire Rede Expressos, Mundial Turismo, Citiexpress, Renex and Rodonorte services.

4) In case of irregular use, RNE may unilaterally terminate the contract with the customer and cancel the RFlex Card.

5) The customer must present his RFlex Digital Number or an identification document associated with his RFlex customer profile in order to proceed with a ticket change.


1) Any regular RNE customer aged over 16 years old, may request to join the RFlex customer card, filling out the respective form.

2) On RNE´s website and the myRNE APP, each customer will have access to a private customer area, where they can consult and change their personal data. In this area, the customer also has access to his purchase history and can also delete his account (GDPR).

3) When a customer wants to use our website or our APP myRNE to purchase tickets, he must first log in using his email and password.

4) It is the customer's responsibility to present an identification document at the time of purchase and at the time of boarding the vehicle. This document must be associated with the RFlex customer profile.

5) RFlex Program will be activated as soon as the RFlex customer buys its 1st journey within a given 365 day period. The RFlex Program periods have an initial counting trigger set by the date and time of the first trip of this cycle.

6) RFlex Program allows the purchase of limitless trips in a period/cycle of 365 days, counting from the date/time of the 1st trip.

7) For a total of 50 trips, the customer will benefit from an average discount of over 37% via digital channels (website and APP myRNE) and 22% at ticket offices (subject to rounding).

8) The RFlex Program cycles are restarted, returning to 1st trip, when one of two parameters is reached: 365 days or 50 trips.

9) Trips booked at a promotional fare ("Promo") of 3,95€, 5,45€, 6,85€, 8,85€ and 10,85€ will not count towards the RFlex Program Cycle. You can check this fare information in the online seat selection.


1) The conditions referred to in this Regulation may be changed, in whole or partially, without the need for prior notice.


1) RNE has the right to terminate completely or partially and at any given period of time the application of this Program and discounts associated by giving prior notice published on the company's website: www.rede-expressos.pt.

2) The change or ending of the RFlex Program as a whole does not entitle the customer the right to any type of compensation.


1) The collected data is managed and stored in secure servers, remaining confidential, and can only be consulted and used by RNE.

2) The customer is entitled to, at any moment, request the change/deletion of the his/her data, through the RFlex customer personal area, accessible through the RNE website or, if preferred, by filling out the form on the contacts page https://rede-expressos.pt/en/contacts, selecting the option "About the RFlex program".

3) The customer, upon accepting the terms & conditions of this program, agrees that the company can contact him for the purpose of promotional actions, commercial scope or request of opinions and views regarding the services provided by RNE.

4) RNE may use the data provided by customers to improve the information contained in a ticket, in order to improve procedures such as ticket validation or to prevent fraud.

5) RNE is committed to using the data of the adhering Customers in a responsible manner and always with the objective of improving the service provided. This use may be reflected in commercial contacts or proposals for additional services provided that it is duly authorized by the Customer. The data is kept safe and for as long as necessary for the good management of the services, generation of statistics or for the fulfillment of legal and tax obligations.

6) If you want to contact directly the internal department of Rede Expressos that has the RFlex Customer Data Management and Control, you can do so via email to the address privacidade@rne.pt or through the form on the website identifying the subject "About RFlex program".

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