Quality Policy

Competitive companies are, by definition, those which are able to anticipate the needs of their customers and take action to meet those needs as soon as possible. This is a mandatory designation in the highly competitive days we live in, characterized by volatile and rapidly changing market realities.

Rede Nacional de Expressos' Quality Management System (QMS) is certified, since 2004, by the norm NP ISO 9001, aiming to continuously improve our services and subsequent client satisfaction.

The Mission of Rede Nacional de Expressos concisely shortens the company's intents and objectives. Our Vision represents our Excellency and our Values are our main principles of action.

To Employees

- To deploy our services in the market in a coordinated fashion and always Customer oriented, with cooperation and the participation of our employees and business partners.

- To enhance the population's quality of life, by proposing services that are adequate to their travel needs, contributing to the development not only of the country in its wider sense, but also in its regional point of view.

To Partners

- To be recognized as a model company and to be associated with Quality in the long haul passenger transport by coach in Portugal.

- To anticipate the future by predicting the changes of our customers.

- To provide the most advanced technologies to our passengers, thus establishing a relationship where information and communication are the bonds connecting us to our clients.

To Society

- To satisfy our customers and partners.

- To ensure entrepreneurship from people, to people.

- Communication.

- Ethics.

- Innovation, Quality and Excellence.

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